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  • Pam Gray

    Hey Rhonda! I just wanted to touch base with you. Since I couldn't get down to see you right away, I decided to see what changes I might make in my diet that would help. I have always eaten cereal with skim milk for breakfast.


    I switched to oatmeal and discovered that I must have a milk intolerance! I immediately started getting better when I stayed off milk. I also started a low fat/low sugar diet and started a food journal.


    I've lost 10 pounds and am feeling MUCH better! My GI issues are under control and I have more energy and a lot less pain. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk with me and share suggestions.


    I will NOT be getting the flu shot again, nor will anyone else in my family! I think it will probably just take time to get back 100% of my energy and strength. I'm so thankful people like you are out there encouraging us to be healthier and use more natural supplements!


    Thanks again!

    Pam Gray

  • Albert

    Dear Rhonda,


    Several months after a bad fall on pavement, my sister was diagnosed to suffer from bone spurs, narrowing of the spinal canal in her cervical spinal region and arthritis.  After an operation, called laminoforaminoplasty, to remove the bone spurs pressing against her spinal canal, the doctor said that my sister could eventually start to recalcify. This operation brought little relief from pain.


    After listening to many of your Saturday afternoon radio programs, I urged my sister to take hydrangea root, burdock, glucosoamine, chondroitin, bromelain, and hyaluronic acid.  The goal was to reduce the calcification and inflammation, and promote rebuilding of connective tissue in the joints. After two months, my sister no longer needs to take pain killers, sleeps more soundly, and has significantly improved flexibility.  In fact she is starting to exercise again.  Thank you, thank you for your pearls of wisdom!




  • Rob

    In june 2003 I was diagnosed with ALS (LOU GERHINGS DISEASE)and given 2 years to live.I had seen 4 neurologist one a specialist on ALS who has written a book on the disease.All of them came to the same conclusion that I had 2 years at most left to live and there was nothing anyone could do for me.I was 29 years old at the time, my wife and I had just had our first child in march of 2003 and I had just been told I would not get to see him grow up.With all hope lost and our family devestated we had no idea what to do.Then someone told my wife about this herb lady in trussville who might could help.With nothing to lose I decided to go see her I had no idea that my life was about to chage forever.My wife and I went to trussville to see this lady in july of 2003.When we pulled up in the parking lot I told my wife that when we get in here if this lady starts some kind of pshycic stuff I am leaving.We went in and meet Rhonda I didn't tell her what I had been diagnosed with or that I was told by 4 doctors I was going to die.Rhonda did her consultation and it blew my mind that the herbs she was placing in my hands were actually helping me.At the end of her consultation I told her what the doctors had told me she  got right in my face an said to me "do you think god would have given you this little boy for you to go and die in two years."I think about those words she said to me nearly everyday.It is 2009 now and guess what DOC i'm still here and doing very well.My wife and I now have two boys ages 7 and 3.Since meeting Rhonda and seeing her or talking over the phone she has helped make my life something I couldn't have dreamed of.Here are a few things I have accoplished since meeting Rhonda:


    1.  In 2007 my farm was the 4th farm in the state of Alabama to become certified Organic.

    2.  In 2007 and 2009 my family won the Young Farm Family of the year for the state of Alabama in the Greenhouse Nursery and Sod division of the Alabama Farmers Federation.

    3.  In 2007 and 2009 we were choosen as one of the top 6 finalist for the overall Young Farm Family of the year.

    4.  In april of 2009 I signed a recording contract with the largest independant christian music label in the country.

    5.  I have also coached my 7yr olds soccer and baseball teams for the past three years.


    There are so many other things I have accomplished since meeting Rhonda I could write a book on them.Not bad for someone thats suppose to be dead.Thank you so much Rhonda you'll never know what you mean to our family.If there is ever anything I can do for you just call.


    Your Friend,



  • James

    I would like to thank the Lord for Rhonda coming into my life at a time when I needed help.  She came to our church on Sunday March 6, 2010.  Although I had heard her on the radio a few times, this took a new meaning meeting her in person.  I think her talents are truly a gift from God.  He has given her the knowledge and wisdom to recognize what our bodies need to function as God had planned when he created us.


    At the age of 76, I had developed problems with my weight, and I had respiratory problems.  I could not and also didn’t have much desire to do anything physical.  I would get out of breath at the least exertion.  After meeting Rhonda, I started going to her classes in Trussville on Tuesdays.  I made an appointment for a one-on-one consultation for Thursday, March 11th.  I ordered the herbs she recommended and started taking them on March 16th.  In the first week, I was able to do things that normally got me out of breath, and I felt so much better.  After about six weeks, I have lost 29 pounds.  Through her program of herbs, diet and exercise, I continue to improve and it has changed my body, mind and spirit.  It takes all three.  My body by healing, changing my mind by changes in diet and exercise, and my spirit bringing me into a more intimate relationship with Jesus.


    I would urge anyone to attend the classes.  Get a food chart for your blood type to help select foods, and tips on exercise.  Being a blood type “A”, one of the recommended exercises is singing.  I love to sing praises to my savior, but probably we are the only two that enjoys it!  Also, Rhonda suggests using a mini-trampoline, which is very effective and not very expensive – about $20 - $30 at Wal-Mart.


    People with respiratory problems are often very sensitive to and affected by smells.  Please remember this when you use perfumes, lotions, or after-shaves that are very fragrant. Or, other items used in the home such as scented candles, potpourri, air fresheners, etc.. It could really bother someone with respiratory problems.


    I thank the lord for all his many blessings on my family and me.


    Praise his name.


    Thank you for all you have done for me.



  • Kaci

    I had always battled stomach problems and major digestive issues.When I would eat a regular size meal, my stomach would blow up just like a balloon. Doctors just always told me they didn't know what was going on and suggested a low carb diet. Rhonda told me about Bifidophilus. I have been taking it reguarly now and I have lost 8 lbs. in 2 weeks, I don't blow up after my meals, and I concentrate better, and I have much more energy! "I love you for that Rhonda!!!"



  • Dockita

    In 2002, I suffered from dizzy-like symptoms along with tingling-burning feeling in my hands and feet. There was also tightness around my ribs and shooting pain up and down my spine. By 2004, I could barely move my right leg and I was loosing sight in my right eye. I weighed only 95 pounds and my weight was declining. Doctors diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis (known as MS).


    Here I was, 30 years old with a husband and 5 children. I couldn’t even do my wife and motherly duties with them. My husband had to take care of us as a family. I really thank God for him.


    We heard about Natural Health and we decided to go that route because we saw all the different side effects with the different medications, I was on. I went to Rhonda Dial, who is very knowledgeable about herbal supplements. She informed me of some products, I needed. Well it has been 1 year, since I was diagnosed and not one relapse and my doctor says that I’m doing excellent. By the way, I’m walking, running, jumping, riding a bike and I see well. Thank you and God bless you Rhonda Dial @ Go Natural Herbs For Health.


    Thank You

  • Marie

    About 2 ½ years ago, after three years of doctors, hospitals, tests and hopelessness about my daughter, Lillie’s seizures, we met Rhonda. The doctors and pharmacists were called in and gave us a final diagnosis that day, which was brain surgery which would cost $50,000, plus continuing on the medication which cost $200.00 a month for a year, to see if the surgery was a success. We were devasted! We saw Rhonda’s store, Here For Health, that we had passed for 3 years. I told Lillie, “We have tried everything man knows to do, so it won’t hurt to try one more thing.” We pulled into the parking lot and made an appointment with Rhonda. That was one of the best decisions we had made in three years. Needless, to say we never went back for the surgery. We started coming to class on Tuesday nights, learning from Rhonda how to take better care of our health. We discovered a small bottle of oil called Focus which can halt her seizure immediately. She keeps it in her pocket at all times. It sure beats $50,000.00 surgery!


    I made an appointment for myself and got on a good herbal program and now my blood pressure, which my doctor could never get under control, is lower that it has ever been, also my cholesterol levels. The aches and pains of arthritis and fibromyalgia that I had been plagued with since childhood is gone. My circulation and sleep problems are a thing of the past. My eyesight has improved; my night vision is better at 75, than it was at 45.


    Thank you,


  • Maureen

    What can I say about a lady who changed my life?


    My health was spiraling downward. I had a heart irregularity, infections that had become resistant to antibiotics, a skin cancer, scar tissue on my eye, and a long list of prescriptions.

    Within twenty-four hours I was a new person after doing the things Rhonda suggested. I was so impressed with what Rhonda had done with my health over a short period of time that I began to read everything I could get my hands on. Before long, I felt a deeper spirituality that I ever had before. I felt led to retire from my twenty-two year career with BellSouth and write a book designed to help others get started on herbs. I returned to school and got a master's degree and doctorate in natural health and wrote Going Natural with Herbs. All because I met Rhonda and she patiently led me to health.


    I am so grateful to Rhonda for my health, my renewed faith, and my new career which all bring me greater joy than I can fully express.

    I dedicated my book to her and I'm grateful for all she has done for so many. I'm not sure how I could ever repay her, so I do my best to help others as she has helped me and pass on as many blessings as I can.


    Most Sincerely,


  • Marien

    I had always had back pain due to my being a nurse, but never did I dream it would build up over time to an excruciating pain that brought me to tears and nearly cut my breath off to the point I could barely do my work.


    I was told by my family doctor that my MRI was negative for any causes for upper back pain I was having that was affecting my work as a nurse and my life in general. I cried every day with this severe pain, not knowing what to do. She wanted to send me to an orthopedic doctor for a pain block or further evaluation. I didn’t want a needle in my back and I wasn’t looking for pain narcotics to cover the pain, I wanted to fix the problem, whatever it was. I mentioned a chiropractor, which she was skeptical about, but agreed to a referral. When looking at my spiral X-rays, he told me I had severe spurring in my thoracic spine (upper back), which there was nothing he or I could do to make them go away. He said he could adjust my spine, which was also curved at the thoracic level and hope to give me some pain relief. After about 3-4 treatments of him popping, adjusting and twisting my spine and leaving his office crying, I could take not more. I told him I was sorry.


    I told my sitter, who sits with my Alzheimer’s mom, about all of this and she said, “Oh, they can laser those spurs off.” I thought no way—surgery!


    Dreading going to work due to the pains slowing me down; that Saturday afternoon at work, with excruciating pain my upper back that was cutting my breath off, I sat down in a chair in a hallway at the hospital. It was quiet, and no one was around to see me. With my back turned, and older (grandpa) man came out of a room, waiting on a wheelchair for his wife to go home. He approached me, saw me hurting and asked “What’s the matter?” I told him I had spinal spurs that were killing me. Without a delay he said, “Honey, you are calcium deficient.” I said “What?” He said, “You need calcium and they’ll go away.” Talk about an angel appearing out of nowhere, God’s divine intervention in a time of need.


    As soon as I got home, I told my husband and he pulled “spurs” up on the internet, and there it was, spurs = Calcium deficiency. Why didn’t the doctors know that? I don’t understand.


    My next off day, I went straight to the local herb shop, walked in and said, “I’m desperate,” and told Marie my problem. She started me on some calcium and made me an appointment with their herb specialist Rhonda, and the next thing I knew, I was on my way to being pain free, which I am exceptionally better today. The master herbalist, Rhonda, put me on a regimen of Calcium, Hydrangea (which dissolves spurs), and PDA, a dietary enzyme. Rhonda and Marie have gave me my life back, and God made the way.


    Thank You,


  • Anonymous

    There so many stories I could share of what Rhonda’s gift has done for me, my family and what I’ve personally witnessed she has done for others!!!


    My second daughter has had challenges with her respiratory and lymphatic system since infancy. About a year ago she had an attack of asthma—(hers usually being brought about as a result of an upper respiratory infection). Rhonda was out of town that weekend. We rushed Juliann to the emergency room. She was admitted to the hospital where she remained for three days. They gave her a round of steroids and albuterol breathing treatments. During the next few days the doctors discussed with me the treatments Juliann would need after her stay in the hospital.


    I was told she needed to be on steroids indefinitely. I went home and searched the internet for information and side affects of steroids. I struggled with accepting that Juliann would have to be subjected to this treatment for the rest of her life! I got on my knees and prated for God’s guidance because my heart was against what the doctors were telling me I must do!! The next morning when I went to the hospital, as I was coming into the hallway , a nurse was carrying a baby that couldn’t have been over a year old, and he had one of the side affects I had read on the internet. That side affect was a moon-faced appearance—(a person would just have to see it for themselves—his face was literally in the shape of a circle, like the moon)—and the baby was struggling to breathe!! He had probably been on steroids since birth, and even now his breathing was still labored!!! That was the answer! I knew God didn’t want Juliann to struggle with asthma or the side effects the rest of her life!!


    After returning home, I contacted Rhonda and took Juliann to see her. Rhonda detected that Juliann had a possible parasite in her respiratory tract, and she also addressed her nervous system. She hasn’t had an attack since!!!


    Rhonda has been given a gift from God, and she is truly a gift to all who is blessed to know her!!